Lighting Is Important When it comes to Decoration Of Your Home

No matter what the outside of a home or business looks like; no matter how lovely the façade, the look will remain incomplete without proper lighting. Lighting the sidewalks and windows in your home or business doe’s more than just make your home look good, however. Many cities and towns require landscape lighting and entryway lighting fixtures to cut down on injuries and civil lawsuits.

Even if your city does not require proper outdoor lighting, though, you should still consider using landscape lighting as a way to showcase your home. Inside and out, few things can make the level of impact that a properly placed light can. Artwork, interior walls, dining room tables, and even your favorite work area in the kitchen must all be lit differently based upon their desired function.

Artwork should be lit from the top, using a white bulb. That ensures that viewers will see the color of the paint or sculpture, and not the color of the bulb that is lighting the area. A desk or work area in a quiet corner of the house should be brightly lit with an appropriate lighting fixture or the right ceiling lighting to reduce eye strain. If you are using a laptop or other flat screen LCD monitor, you will need ceiling lights of a different type than if you are using a standard monitor for your computer. Lamps on a desk are wonderful for working on a keyboard, but they can cause a great deal of eye strain if they are not aimed properly.

Proper lighting is essential to health and wellbeing. If you do not have a properly designed lighting plan for your home, consider taking some pictures of the rooms in your house and taking them to a lighting professional. You can even check online to see if lighting pro will allow you to mail, or scan and e-mail your pictures so they can help design a lighting plan for you without the expense of a home visit.

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